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Artist Statement

 My pieces are a result of my explorations as a visual interpreter.  As a child, I always wanted to know how things worked, what defined the essence of an object, what its boundaries were, and how far such limits could be pushed. This inquisitiveness profoundly influences my artwork today.  I focus on a concept, dissect it to its bare bones, and discover the ultimate truth behind it: then I reinvent it.  Through my imagination and obsessive compulsion, I strive to reveal a unique beauty and irony in the seemingly mundane.

In my practice, I strip down traditional mediums to their essence and employ them in contemporary language.  In this way, I breathe new life and my own vision into each concept. Dried up paint is delicately placed as colored particles, not a painted surface.  Photographs are cut up and woven back together to create a new entity.  Fabric is removed from its original source and methodically transformed into sculpture.  The resulting works often toe the line between the real and the visually abstract: what you see from afar is completely different from what you see up close.  A magnified view reveals layers of details and complexity.

As a translator, I uncover the ironic beauty of an idea and resuscitate it through my experiments with various mediums to create a visually surreal and provocative work.